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Since EEC’s inception we have believed that a solid, fully capable construction division was critical to providing a high quality, turnkey approach to environmental and engineering construction projects.  This superior turnkey approach has allowed EEC to thrive as a design-build firm due to the inherent cost savings that result from an in-house construction staff.

Our turnkey services, coupled with unique and diverse projects, have allowed our construction managers and field crews to develop an unparalleled skill set.  This division always strives to put our clients’ needs first while keeping safety our top priority, as evidenced by our superb safety record.

Services & Highlights
  • Complete remediation/treatment system installation
  • Storage tank system installation
  • Chemical storage and delivery systems
  • Demolition and retro-fits
  • Large-scale remedial excavation
  • General construction
  • Construction management
  • Outstanding safety record

Featured Projects

Landfill Gas Collection System Installation

Industry: Landfill / City Government


EEC installed an interim gas control system and condensate return system at a City of Santa Monica landfill. The project included the excavation of a 1,000 foot sloping trench and the installation of an 8-inch diameter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) vapor vacuum line connected to the existing eight vapor wells and condensate treatment system.


Project Highlights
  • Installed landfill gas control system and condensate return system
  • Performed all excavating, trenching, piping, electrical, and foundation work
  • Obtained all necessary construction permits from the City's fire and building departments
  • Managed all stages of the construction project

Chlorinated Solvent Vapor Extraction and Steam Sparging Remediation System Installation

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing


EEC installed a hot air injection system, soil vapor extraction (SVE) system, and groundwater remediation system at an operating chemical manufacturing facility. EEC provided all construction services, including trenching, piping, rigging, electrical, and resurfacing. The entire project was completed in a high-traffic area with no interruption of the facility’s operations.


Project Highlights
  • Performed remediation of methylene chloride-impacted soil and groundwater
  • Constructed hot air injection system, regenerable resin adsorbing system, steam boilers, cooling towers, condensate heat exchanger, liquid ring high vacuum and low vacuum vapor extraction
  • Secured all necessary construction and operational permits

Impacted Soil Excavation

Industry: Telecommunications


EEC construction staff provided engineering and construction services during a large excavation along a major Los Angeles freeway and removed soil impacted by semi-volatile organic compounds, diesel, gasoline, oil, volatile organic compounds, and lead.


Project Highlights
  • Excavated area adjacent to major freeway embankment
  • Implemented shoring to support freeway embankment and allow excavation to 25 feet below grade
  • Excavated approximately 5,264 cubic yards of soil
  • Transported 3,516 tons of lead-impacted soil off-site to a class I disposal facility and 2,541 Tons of hydrocarbon-impacted soil off-site to a class II disposal facility
  • Stockpiled and back-filled soil for native back-fill and imported clean back-fill for compaction
  • Performed compliance air monitoring and OSHA trench monitoring
  • Prepared and submitted all deliverables on time and under budget


Replacement of Potable Water Supply

Industry: Aerospace / Major Industrial Consortium


EEC was retained by a commercial consortium to assist with the evaluation of replacement water options for an agricultural community. All residents relied on private wells for all water uses, including domestic, but the local aquifer was impacted with chlorinated solvents. EEC provided turnkey design-build services, constructing tank systems on an expedited schedule to quickly restore potable water access to the residents. EEC provided one-on-one contact with each residential location during sampling and construction of the water systems and continues to interact with residents during the ongoing system operation and maintenance.


Project Highlights
  • Performed sampling of private, domestic well water that contained chlorinated solvents above maximum containment levels (MCLs)
  • Conducted a feasibility study to evaluate replacement options for potable water
  • Provided potable replacement water systems at more than 30 residential homes
  • Unique system design provided a reliable potable water source to remote properties using stand-alone water systems
  • Provided design-build services to permit and construct tank systems on an expedited schedule
  • Established exceptional rapport with community residents while performing sampling, construction, and system operations on private properties


Soil Vapor Extraction System Installation

Industry: Commercial Development


EEC was retained by a national development company to provide construction services for the installation of a large soil vapor extraction (SVE) system. Construction of the project included connecting 66 SVE wells from 22 well heads and several hundred feet of trenching. The property was occupied by a busy department store, so phased construction was required to allow sufficient patron parking and to minimize impact to the business. EEC successfully completed the project on time, on budget, and without affecting the business.


Project Highlights
  • Project encompassed an area of 80,000 square feet
  • Constructed 22 wellheads to facilitate individual piping runs to 66 wells
  • Excavated and back-filled several hundred feet of trenching for conveyance pipe and electrical line
  • Piped more than 1,000 feet of PVC for vapor piping
  • Designed and provided construction oversight of concrete pad and block wall compound
  • Installed and piped SVE skid consisting of two 750 cfm blowers, heat exchangers, cyclone water separator, and two 2,000-pound carbon vessels


Wastewater Pretreatment System Installation

Industry: Industrial Laundry


EEC installed a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system for an industrial laundry client at a large operating industrial laundry facility to meet the local publicly owned treatment works ( POTW) discharge limits. EEC provided all construction services, including tank and equipment rigging and setting, piping, electrical connections, and sludge filter press installation. Much of the work was conducted in the evening and on weekends to avoid any facility downtime.


Project Highlights
  • 150 gpm DAF treatment system
  • Chemical coagulation/flocculation and sludge dewatering treatment
  • Complete wastewater equalization, chemical treatment, DAF, and sludge dewatering systems
  • Challenging space constraints in an operating facility


  • Landfill Gas Collection

  • Remediation Systems

  • Impacted Soil Excavation

  • Potable Water Systems

  • Soil Vapor Extraction

  • Wastewater Pretreatment

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