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EEC provides a broad spectrum of litigation support ranging from scientific investigations to expert testimony in State and Federal courts. EEC supports litigation matters related to contamination of soil, soil vapor, groundwater; geologic and hydrogeologic issues, and industrial wastewater. We have experience with both plaintiff and defense representation, giving us a professional knowledge of tactics and strategies that will be encountered in litigation, and allowing us to present an unbiased perspective to judge and jury. Our staff has been involved with numerous high-profile litigation cases, and has consistently worked seamlessly as part of a team in preparing technical portions of a case.

Our services are most often utilized to prevent litigation from occurring in the first place, by preventing or reducing liability exposure, fines, administrative penalties, and negative press. Our staff has extensive experience collecting and analyzing technical data to provide a strong scientific basis for overcoming or minimizing contentious issues.

Services & Highlights
  • Deliver expert witness services and report preparation
  • Manage and foster public participation, neighborhood meetings, and one-on-one interaction
  • Evaluate pertinent issues to determine viability of legal action
  • Develop technical strategy in cooperation with legal team
  • Compile and evaluate historical site information to develop a sound technical model
  • Prepare databases and geographic information systems (GIS) as necessary for complex litigation action
  • Identify key issues, areas of testimony, and potential expert
  • Assist with depositions of opposing experts
  • Prepare courtroom and public meeting exhibits

Featured Projects

Litigation to Determine Responsibility for Environmental Remediation

Industry: Petroleum / Legal

EEC was retained by a Midwest law firm to provide an evaluation of the quantity of free-phase hydrocarbons beneath a small town. The hydrocarbons were allegedly released from several refineries on the outskirts of the community. Plaintiff experts alleged 17 million gallons of petroleum hydrocarbons were present beneath the community. Based on a scientific review of the data, EEC determined that the actual quantity was significantly less. Due to EEC’s evaluation, this component of the case was not challenged in court.

Project Highlights
  • Gave deposition to U.S. Department of Justice
  • Successfully established that the quantity of product beneath the community was significantly less than alleged
  • Established an even greater reduction in quantity of product beneath the refinery
  • Plaintiff did not challenge results

Litigation to Evaluate Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium

Industry: Legal

EEC was retained to provide contaminant investigation services and expert testimony regarding a community’s exposure to hexavalent chromium (Chromium VI) in surface water and groundwater. EEC provided an investigation to establish background Chromium VI concentrations and collected samples from within the existing monitoring well network to evaluate the nature and extent of the contaminant plume. The investigation and subsequent testimony also included developing a hydrogeologic model of the near-surface environment in order to determine the nature of groundwater movement and contaminant transport.

Project Highlights
  • Conducted investigation of background hexavalent chromium levels
  • Conducted weekly sampling to evaluate contaminant trends
  • Reviewed and analyzed more than 20 years of historical soil, groundwater, and surface water data
  • Gave sixteen hours of deposition
  • Prepared expert reports, rebuttals, and declarations

Litigation Involving Contaminated Housing Tract

Industry: Petroleum / Legal

EEC was retained by a major litigation law firm to investigate and evaluate the impact of soil, groundwater, and soil vapor contamination on approximately 300 residential properties. The neighborhood was built on the former location of three large oil field reservoirs, and is underlain by residual contaminants. In addition to providing sampling and analysis of soil, water, and vapor, EEC is overseeing the defendant’s consultants as they attempt to assess the plume. EEC provides front-line and one-on-one contact with community residents in the community, and has developed an exceptional rapport with them. The work includes oversight during drilling soil borings for soil testing, installation of groundwater monitoring and vapor extraction wells, vapor monitoring points, and installation of sub-slab vapor probes to evaluate vapor intrusion concerns.

Project Highlights
  • Extensive evaluation of soil, soil vapor, groundwater, and indoor air contamination
  • Investigation focusing on human health risk from shallow soil exposure and vapor intrusion
  • Vapor intrusion evaluation through soil vapor, sub-slab vapor, and indoor air sampling using state-of-the-art techniques
  • Critical community involvement
  • Exceptional rapport with community residents during investigations inside homes and on residential property

Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Settlement Agreement Expert Consulting

Industry: Municipal Wastewater / Legal

EEC was retained by a Southern California City’s outside counsel to provide expert sewer compliance consulting for consent decree and settlement agreement negotiations stemming from a clean water act citizen suit. The client relied on EEC to provide all technical consulting related to regulatory issues, sewer design, operations and maintenance (O&M) standards, performance goals, and implementation schedules.

Project Highlights
  • Consent decree and settlement agreement consulting support
  • Sewer design, capital improvement, O&M, private lateral issues, roots and grease control
  • Planning and implementation recommendations

Litigation Involving Property Devaluation and Vapor Intrusion

Industry: Petroleum / Legal

EEC was retained to perform a literature and field evaluation of impacts related to an approximately 30 million gallon petroleum product plume beneath a community. Field activity included drilling and installing groundwater monitoring wells, collecting water and product samples from within the plume, and installing soil vapor probes in basements and slab-on-grade foundations throughout the neighborhood to evaluate exposure potential from vapor intrusion. In addition, EEC conducted sampling of groundwater and sediments from an adjacent waterway.

Project Highlights
  • Vapor intrusion and ambient air sampling inside residential homes
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Sampling of pore water at the groundwater/river interface
  • Identification of contaminants of concern and source locations

  • Remediation Responsibility

  • Hexavalent Chromium

  • Contaminated Housing Tract

  • SSO Settlement Agreement

  • Property Devaluation

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