EEC Environmental Spoke at the INEF 2018 Conference

EEC Environmental Spoke at the INEF 2018 Conference

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EEC Environmental (EEC) presented and exhibited at the International Network of Environmental Forensics 2018 Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 25-27, 2018. EEC’s Emily Vavricka spoke on how historical research methods are used in Environmental Forensic investigations in order to reconstruct past site histories and identify potentially responsible parties (PRPs) in environmental litigation cases.

The International Network of Environmental Forensics (INEF) is a non-profit interest group committed to providing a forum for scientists, environmental consultants, regulators and attorneys to share ideas and research regarding the use of environmental forensics. The Network supports the scientific advancement of environmental forensic techniques to identify the source, age, and timing of contaminant release to the environment.

The conference aligns with EEC’s expertise in providing a broad spectrum of litigation support ranging from scientific investigations to expert testimony in state and federal courts. EECs ability to provide a reliable scientific basis for overcoming or minimizing contentious issues includes experience in matters related to contamination of soil, soil vapor, and groundwater; geologic and hydrogeological issues; industrial wastewater; historical document research and PRP Identification; CERCLA cost allocation; and insurance cost recovery.

For more information on the INEF 2018 Annual Conference, please go to For more information about EEC, please go to or contact Emily Vavricka at

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