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ArcGIS Installation and Licensing


We have 1 Concurrent Use license that allows ArcGIS from 1 computer in the office.

If you are not physically in the office but you want to use this license (i.e. your computer is not currently on the EEC network), simply log in to our VPN before opening ArcGIS on your computer.

We also have 5 licenses that can be assigned to specific computers. Until 10/15/2018, those assignments are:

  1. Aaron Kochman
  2. Matthew Shubin
  3. Will Shaffer
  4. John Rutan
  5. Floating license (available for checkout)

Please contact Aaron Kochman if you have licensing questions.



To install the software on your computer, open Windows Explorer and go to:


For a plain installation, just run Install.bat. Alternatively, you can open the subfolder which holds individual install files for different components of the ArcGIS Desktop platform and decide which products you need.

It is important to use the “Current EEC Version” because map document versions are not backward-compatible.

If you don’t have a Single Use license, please configure ArcGIS to do Concurrent Use licensing on the Standard edition of ArcGIS (not Advanced or Basic) with the license server “eeclic”.


Configure with EEC Styles and Templates

After installing ArcGIS, go to

C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.5\Utilities

(or whatever version of ArcGIS Desktop you have)

Right-click AdvancedArcMapSettings.exe to “Run As Administrator”

Under the “System Paths” tab, enter the following:

Styles path: Y:\GIS_CAD_DB\^GIS_Resources\ArcGIS_Styles

Templates path: Y:\GIS_CAD_DB\^GIS_Resources\ArcGIS_MXD_Templates