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March Madness!

You don’t have to be a basketball genius to win. In fact, the most knowledgeable rarely win this thing. Those who have followed the brilliant strategies of “favorite color,” “toughest mascot,” and “best sounding team name,” have won it, so, get your strategy and enter your picks!




FIRST PLACE        $500




THIRD PLACE       $150

Entry Fees

Absolutely None!

Who Can Enter

This NCAA pool is open to any adult that you work with that you think might enjoy it, so feel free to invite your colleagues. Even our competitors can join, but if they win, their check may mysteriously get lost in the mail (not really…but maybe). Please do not enter yourself more than once by using multiple e-mail accounts. Don’t be “that guy”, plus we have algorithms that can detect this. Please note that EEC reserves the right to remove participants from this tournament at the firm’s discretion.


You must be at least 18 years old. If your company/agency policy prevents you from accepting any type of prize, we can also have any money you win donated to your favorite charity! Please specify the charity you would like your donation to go to at the time of your submission, or separately email us your charitable selection before the games begin.


Points will be awarded each round for each correct prediction, or pick, made on a game by game basis. Points vary per round depending on the proximity of the contests to the actual crowning of the NCAA champion. Picks for each round are based on the teams you picked to win in the previous round (ie. once you pick a team to lose you cannot pick them again in a later round)! Points will also be awarded for correctly picking upsets during the tournament. The points awarded will be based on the difference between the seeded values of the two teams. For instance, correctly predicting a #15 seed beating a #2 seed in the 1st round is worth 13 points in addition to the normal points awarded for that round (which in this case is 5 points, for a total of 18 points).

Points Breakdown

Round Points Per Game Available Bonus
First Four 0 No bonus
1st Round Regionals 5 Upset, Difference of Seeds
2nd Round Regionals 10 Upset, Difference of Seeds
3rd Round Regionals 20 Upset, Difference of Seeds
Final Four 30 Upset, Difference of Seeds
Semi-Finals 40 Upset, Difference of Seeds
Champion 50 Upset, Difference of Seeds


Your personal information will not be shared with anyone. Only your bracket entry name will be visible to others.

Questions or Concerns?

Email Joe Jenkins at, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the tournament.

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