Audits of Global Environment, Health and Safety Standards

Audits of Global Environment, Health and Safety Standards

Project Highlights:
  • Proactively identifying potential risks and hazards and eliminate, or if not possible, mitigate the risk to as low as reasonably attainable;
  • Implement the systems, strategies, resources, and structures necessary to meet Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) goals
  • Review and measure EHS systems, standards and behaviors to implement corrective and preventative actions for continuous improvement
  • Improve performance and process

Audits of established global EHS Standards and Policy were carried out by EEC Environmental (EEC) at various locations for a major pharmaceutical company to ensure adherence to a set of management and technical standards that form the basis of an EHS management system. The audit targeted all related requirements as they apply to manufacturing operations, research and development activities, and distribution and commercial activities and facilities.

These standards were developed and are regularly evaluated and updated with consideration for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other global requirements to ensure that the management system remains globally oriented and best in class. A third party verification performed by Bureau Veritas in 2015 established that management and technical standards closely align with ISO standard requirements.

The global EHS audits were performed to identify potential risks to employees, the environment, and the company and to ensure compliance with internal standards and regulatory requirements. The approach to audits aimed to foster continuous improvement, develop staff expertise and promote the sharing of best practices.

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