Cityworks Integration with the Esri Local Government Information Model (LGIM)

Cityworks Integration with the Esri Local Government Information Model (LGIM)

EEC Environmental (EEC) aided in a Cityworks integration of a large City. In an effort to update its enterprise GIS, a northern California City elected to adopt Esri’s Local Government Information Model (LGIM). The model is a standard geodatabase schema which draws on industry best practices and is designed to take advantage of common templates and applications within the ArcGIS Solutions family of products.

An essential component of this GIS migration for the Department of Utilities was the consideration of its impact on the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) Cityworks. EEC Environmental (EEC) was selected to support the City’s GIS team to ensure that Cityworks, which depends on the GIS, continued to operate smoothly. The CMMS supports approximately 200 users from the water production, water distribution, wastewater collection, stormwater drainage, water conservation, and engineering groups as a critical part of a 24/7 maintenance management and customer service operation.

With a detailed knowledge of the Cityworks database and its dependencies on different aspects of the GIS (from map services to layer schema requirements). EEC successfully identified and made the configuration changes needed to keep the software running seamlessly with the new data model. Additionally, the historical data were updated to recognize new asset naming conventions, allowing for that information to be accessed through the Cityworks front-end and in its reports. At the same time, the migration allowed the City to cease its use of LEGACYID values for dozens of its assets.

To aid in the GIS migration, EEC developed detailed upgrade plans and scripts to ensure that the processes were clear, repeatable, and, if necessary, reversible. A series of functional tests were performed to verify the effectiveness of the update scripts. The upgrades were performed on tight schedules during night-shift operations in order to minimize downtime. All work was done in coordination with multiple divisions within the City, including GIS, the Department of Utilities, IT, and Enterprise Asset Integration.

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