Commercial/Industrial Inspection and Database Management Services

Commercial/Industrial Inspection and Database Management Services

Project Highlights:
  • Conduct facility inspections, inventory management, and enforcement notifications
  • As needed assistance national pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES)/stormwater program management
  • Inventory, prioritization, and inspection of industrial, commercial, and municipal facilities
  • Perform inspections on an accelerated schedule; 500 facility inspections in 3 month period
  • Database management

EEC Environmental (EEC) conducted on-site facility inspections as outlined in the City’s municipal stormwater program (MS4) permit. As part of the facility inspections, EEC assessed indoor and outdoor areas associated with stormwater runoff and conveyance and reviewed material and waste handling and storage practices. EEC also has written documentation of pollutant control BMP implementation, including internal inspection logs and reports,  stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), and spill response plans. Maintenance procedures, implementation of source control measures, and digital photographic documentation of any water quality violations, as well as evidence of past or present unauthorized, non-storm water discharges and enforcement actions issued at the time of inspection, were also conducted.

EEC prepared inspection reports that summarized assessment of each facility’s potential to impact stormwater quality and the effectiveness of BMPs to minimize pollutant exposure. As dictated by inspection findings, or as requested by the City, EEC investigated and responded to infractions or complaints related to the City’s permit and water pollution regulations.

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