Comprehensive Environmental Services At Superfund Site

Comprehensive Environmental Services At Superfund Site

Project Highlights:
  • Site identified as a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) in the South El Monte Operable Unit (SEMOU) of a Superfund Site
  • Performed a comprehensive review of historic site ownership/occupancy
  • Performed review of historic sources of contamination and negotiated with prior site occupant to allocate remedial costs
  • Identified data gaps and completed additional assessment of soil, soil vapor, and groundwater
  • Completed remediation of soil and soil vapor and achieved closures at portions of the site
  • Negotiated wastewater discharge limits with local agencies and established soil and soil vapor cleanup levels with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)

EEC Environmental (EEC) is currently performing comprehensive environmental services for a drum reconditioning facility located within an Operable Unit Superfund Site. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is the lead regulatory oversight agency with the RWQCB providing local oversight of the assessment activities. The large site has a long history of manufacturing activities dating back to the 1950’s, including ownership by a major aerospace manufacturing site. Contaminants at the site include metals and volatile organic compounds and have been identified as a potentially responsible party (PRP) to the site.

EEC has been involved in all aspects of environmental services ranging from regulatory compliance for issues ranging from wastewater and stormwater discharge compliance with Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) to RWQCB and EPA directives associated with soil and groundwater contamination.  Further, EEC has been involved with research of historic land use and negotiations with prior property owners for soil and groundwater remedial cost allocation.  EEC was successful at providing evidence that suggested that the aerospace company was likely responsible for most, if not all, the contamination beneath the site, resulting in a significant allocation of remedial cost to the aerospace company.

Remediation of soil was completed at several of the parcels and approved by the RWQCB.  EEC has recently provided an assessment of several outlying properties associated with the business and is negotiating site closure with the RWQCB. At one of the six parcels, EEC is currently providing additional assessment of VOCs to develop a path to develop and implement closure. EEC, along with legal counsel, have been successful in demonstrating that the project site is not a likely source, or is a minimal contributor to contaminants detected within the SEMOU.

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