Comprehensive Facility Audit and Compliance Scheduling

Comprehensive Facility Audit and Compliance Scheduling

Project Highlights:
  • Prepared a comprehensive facility specific matrix outlining all compliance requirements to facilitate audit activities
  • Facility-specific compliance matrices were provided to the corporate Environmental Team which served as internal auditing checklists to aid management’s compliance efforts and future transitions
  • Developed facility-specific compliance schedules to help ensure the timely submittal of environmental reports permit requirements and the maintenance of complete environmental records
  • Performed a gap analysis identifying operational improvements to aid compliance with applicable permit requirements and regulations

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained to conduct an environmental compliance facility audit pertaining to air emissions, water (industrial wastewater, sewage and stormwater, withdrawal and injection wells), solid/universal waste and hazardous waste, toxic substances and chemical inventory, hazardous substance transportation (DOT/IATA), and oil management and spill control.

EEC identified all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations and then developed audit checklists specific to each facility. Utilizing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Protocols for Conducting Environmental Compliance Audits, EEC performed on-site facility inspections and interviews with key facility personnel and reviewed all pertinent records.

During the on-site visits, EEC identified additional environmental compliance needs relevant to each facility based on observed operations, on-site materials handling and storage, and facility mechanical systems.  All compliance data was compiled into a facility-specific Gap Analyses organized by regulatory statute.  EEC prescribed a hierarchy of importance to each compliance gap reported and provided recommendations for operational, administrative or compliance management alternatives to attain full compliance.

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