EHS Auditing and Management System Consulting

EHS Auditing and Management System Consulting

Project Highlights:
  • EHS auditing at 21 facilities across the United States
  • Implementation and management of an online corrective action tracking system
  • Assisted with data management in support of RC14001 management system requirements

A client required routine EHS auditing from EEC Environmental (EEC) to comply with its RC14001 management system and internal company standards.  Auditing was performed at 21 locations throughout the United States and consisted of a two-person auditing team.  Using a consistent and skilled auditing team, flexible auditing protocols, and cost-conscious planning and logistics, the auditing program was cost-effective and successful in meeting its objectives.  Responsibilities of EEC personnel included pre-audit planning and logistics, on-site audit performance, and post-audit reporting and recommendation creation.  The auditors made sure to research state and local requirements before arriving on-site and maintained an excellent understanding of all federal regulations applicable to the client.

In addition to the identification of non-compliances and areas for improvement, personnel assisted with the implementation of a web-based corrective action tracking system, CATSWeb ©, that was available for facilities worldwide.  EEC personnel then served as the administrator of the system and provided technical support to approximately 800 users.  This assistance and support included creating new entry forms customized to the facility, modifying user profiles, unlocking accounts, assisting with the closure of action items, and other routine and non-routine requests from users.

These activities supported the company’s RC14001 certification.  EEC personnel provided additional corporate-level support by assisting with data and document management.  Setting up Microsoft SharePoint sites for the maintenance of records, dissemination of information, and to provide collaborative workspaces, helped improve organizational efficiency.  These support services were provided to assist internal personnel on a part-time, as needed basis, and were a cost-effective means of achieving corporate objectives in time and on budget.

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