Environmental Auditing and EHS Audit Program Development

Environmental Auditing and EHS Audit Program Development

Project Highlights:
  • Turn-key design-build-maintain services
  • Leveraged in-house environmental compliance expertise
  • Massive data migrations
  • Integration with existing property management system
  • Fully automatic workflows for compliance reporting

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained by the client to develop an information management system to store, categorize, and report information relating to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) for 700 of the company’s retail properties.  Before beginning development, EEC analyzed the company’s current data management and reporting workflows and worked with the client to design an information management system that would automate those workflows and increase the company’s capacity for managing their environmental data.  The final developed system is capable of storing all of the company’s ACM-related data, including data for each individual sample and generating all of the reports and notifications required by both government regulations and the company’s internal property leasing workflows.

After designing and developing the system, EEC populated the system with all of the company’s historical ACM data.  This involved a large data entry process in which historical data was entered from PDF documents into the new system.  In order to complete this process in the most efficient manner, EEC developed an Excel-based data template that validates data and allows for quick, unambiguous imports into the system.  In order to efficiently keep the system up-to-date, the Irvine Company is also requiring all of their ACM contractors to submit information from their work activities using this same template.

The end result is a system that contains all the company’s historical data, provides for extremely efficient data updates, and automatically generates time-sensitive reports in a flexible manner.

EEC also continues to provide technical support, data maintenance services, ongoing development services, and hosting for the system.  As business processes continue to evolve throughout the Irvine Company, EEC is continually evaluating the functional requirements of the system and adapting both the system and workflows in order to provide a data management strategy that is as efficient and error-proof as possible.

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