ERA Level 1 Evaluation and ERA Level 2 Action Plan for National Chemical Manufacturing Company

ERA Level 1 Evaluation and ERA Level 2 Action Plan for National Chemical Manufacturing Company

Project Highlights:
  • Performed comprehensive evaluation of stormwater program and documents
  • Conducted site evaluation of stormwater BMP implementation and identified pollutant sources
  • Provided ERA Level 1 Evaluation Report and ensured proper submittal to SMARTS database
  • Provided recommendations for BMP improvements and monitoring enhancements
  • Evaluated and tracked laboratory sample results
  • Prepared ERA Level 2 Action Plan
  • Evaluated advanced BMPs for specific source control
  • Installed advanced BMPs onsite and trained site employees on maintenance and sampling procedures

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained by a national chemical manufacturing company to conduct and ERA Level 1 evaluation and report and an ERA Level 2 Action Plan for their Southern California facility. For this project, EEC evaluated the facility’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), current BMP implementation, sampling and monitoring plans, and historic sample results.

EEC also conduct a site walk evaluation to identify the potential sources of pollutants onsite and to evaluate the BMPs implemented to control those pollutants. Based on this information EEC prepared and ERA Level 1 Evaluation Report, and assisted the facility with uploading the report and updated SWPPP to the State’s SMARTS database.

For the ERA Level 2 Action Plan, EEC conducted a site evaluation with a focus on the exceeding parameters. EEC identified potential sources and recommended advanced BMPs for the purpose of reducing the parameter concentrations. For this site, EEC assisted with the procurement and installation of catch basin filter systems. The filter systems have metals and nutrient removing media and a port for collecting storm event samples. EEC then prepared the ERA Level 2 Action Plan report and will continue to monitor the performance of BMPs and treatment systems.

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