Evaluation of Potential Risks from New and Existing Chemicals under the TSCA and the Pollution Prevention Act

Evaluation of Potential Risks from New and Existing Chemicals under the TSCA and the Pollution Prevention Act

EEC provides support to international clients for the complex and time-consuming tasks associated with regulatory compliance with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Outsourcing this process to EEC’s team of actively involved, engaged and experienced regulatory professionals on a daily basis has proven to be a highly efficient and effective way to address the challenges associated with chemical control laws. Services are provided on a discrete project task basis or on a scheduled, as-needed basis; ranging from fully outsourced TSCA compliance to project-based, function-specific areas. EEC’s team of TSCA Compliance professionals performs the following tasks:

  • Regulatory Tracking – Monitor EPA activity, federal register notices, final rules, enforcement activities, direct compliance measures and TSCA reform
  • Spearhead TSCA Compliance – Interface with your management team, regulatory personnel, and others to direct and/or develop your TSCA compliance program
  • TSCA Section 5 – New Chemical Substance Compliance Support, Pre-manufacture Notice (PMN) requirements, Low Volume Exemption (LVE), Notice of Commencement (NOC), Bona Fide Intent to Manufacture (BFIM) requests, Polymer Exemptions, etc.
    • Consulting with client
    • Consulting with EPA – Pre-Notice Communications (PNC)
    • Review of test data and other supporting documentation
    • Collaboration with customer chemists and regulatory personnel, industrial hygienists and other professionals
    • Preparation of notifications through ePMN/CDX PMN, LVE, BFIM, SNUN, NOC
    • Act as Technical Contact during review and serve as Technical Contact on submissions to EPA
  • Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)
    • Review inventory update report requirements for current reporting period
    • Prepare Form U for submission using eCDR
    • Review current mechanisms for tracking volumes and other required information on imported and manufactured products and materials at substance level
    • Complete report on electronic Form U for signature and submission
  • TSCA 8b Inventory Status Reviews and Certifications
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