Exposure To Toxic Chemicals In The Workplace As The Result Of Vapor Intrusion

Exposure To Toxic Chemicals In The Workplace As The Result Of Vapor Intrusion

Project Highlights:
  • Retained as expert
  • Performed a comprehensive review of soil vapor and indoor air data collected at a County building
  • Evaluated site history and potential source areas of contaminants
  • Evaluated potential volatile organic compound (VOC) contribution from adjacent properties
  • Evaluated human health risk based on soil, soil vapor, and groundwater data
  • Identified data gaps in defense data
  • Evaluated building ventilation data to determine air exchange rates
  • Deposed by defense counsel
  • Settlement reached

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained by plaintiff counsel to review allegations that many county employees were exposed to toxic chemicals within an office building and that such chemical caused sickness, miscarriages and birth defects. EEC was tasked with evaluation of VOC-impacted soil, soil vapor and groundwater data from the site and adjacent properties.

EEC was able to determine that VOC’s released from upgradient properties were unlikely to have resulted in VOCs found in soil vapor at the subject property building, as alleged by experts for the defense. Further EEC identified historic activities on the subject property that were likely sources of the VOC found in the subsurface and identified data gaps that should be further evaluated. EEC’s analysis and appearance in depositions contributed to a successful settlement.

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