FOG Control Program Development Services

FOG Control Program Development Services

Project Highlights:
  • Developed 20+ fats, oils, and grease (FOG) control programs
  • Developed 15+ food facility categorization, prioritization and inspection programs
  • Developed 10+ FOG control program ordinances and food service establishment (FSE) permitting programs
  • Developed and implemented FOG Control Program policy and procedure forms and manuals
  • Trained 500+ personnel associated with various elements of FOG Control

FOG is a cornerstone of EEC Environmental’s (EEC) engineering services. EEC is nationally recognized as a leading FOG control expert and has developed, implemented, and assessed more than 20 FOG-control programs throughout the United States. Program development Services have ranged from assisting with minor adjustments to ordinance language or permitting philosophies, to development of complete FOG programs including policy and procedures guidance documents and manuals. Based on EEC’s unique FOG-control expertise, many cities and wastewater districts have turned to EEC to manage their FOG-control programs, including supporting plan review processes and conducting FSE compliance inspections and initiate enforcement actions.

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