GIS and Computer Systems Implementation and Integration Services

GIS and Computer Systems Implementation and Integration Services

Project Highlights:
  • Utilization of free online services to accommodate GIS creation
  • Development of web map interfaces and key performance indicators
  • Automation of data migration
  • Implementation and updates of software
  • Development of graphical user interface
  • Development of customized tools
  • Development of query-able data directly from GIS interface
  • Development of query-able information products
  • Creation of centralized virtual deployment environment

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained by a city in Southern California to develop GIS and computer systems for the City’s entire sanitary sewer network. The City had a large amount of paper-based information that was increasingly difficult to use and update. To help the agency better utilize its data, EEC developed a GIS based on the City’s existing drawings, construction plans, staff knowledge, and aerial photography. EEC then transferred data from paper documents into the GIS, providing a query-able, map-driven, automated data analysis tool. With a scalable system in place, the City can more efficiently analyze its data in real time.

EEC also integrated a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) based on the GIS to enable the City to more effectively manage the maintenance of its assets. The system enables reporting and scheduling (work orders) of maintenance, including line cleaning, closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspections, manhole inspections, and lift station maintenance. EEC linked CCTV inspection results to the CMMS to facilitate defect assessment and prioritization among the City’s widely distributed assets.

The GIS is accessible and consumable through maps available through the internet and can be viewed on any device with internet access. The web map interface also provides users with access to key performance indicators. Throughout the course of the project, EEC worked with city staff to continually evaluate the progress of GIS implementation and options for further modernization efforts. Efforts currently underway include the implementation of GIS-based sewer capacity modeling software, tablet-based GIS/CMMS access for field crews and rectification of GIS data with respect to a higher-accuracy parcel and centerline data.

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