Grease Interceptor Design Study – Singapore

Grease Interceptor Design Study – Singapore

Project Highlights:
  • All work conducted in Singapore
  • Manufacturer sought out EEC’s unique grease interceptor design and performance expertise
  • Evaluated numerous grease interceptors and collected many wastewater, grease and solids samples
  • Interviewed the grease interceptor operators
  • Met with the Singapore National Environment Agency
  • Provided design improvement recommendations to the manufacturer for performance enhancements

EEC Environmental (EEC) was hired to assess the design of grease interceptors in Singapore for a major grease interceptor manufacturer and provide recommendations for design improvements. The manufacturer sought out EEC’s unique expertise evaluating grease interceptor performance and wanted an objective expert opinion on their grease interceptors in Singapore.

EEC evaluated many different installations in Singapore, collected wastewater influent and effluent samples, and measured the grease waste and solids accumulation.  EEC also interviewed the operators at each site to evaluate operation and maintenance issues.  EEC also met with the Singapore National Environment Agency to gain their perspective on grease interceptor compliance.  EEC compiled all the information and provided recommendations to the manufacturer that would lead to higher performance and easier cleaning of the interceptors.

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