Redevelopment of Former Aerospace Facility

Redevelopment of Former Aerospace Facility

Project Highlights:
  • Largest private brownfield project in United States history
  • Multi-billion dollar redevelopment
  • Developed soil characterization work plans for potential contaminant source areas across site
  • Successfully remediated several contaminant sources across site
  • Collected and managed voluminous quantities of data obtained from investigation and remediation activities
  • Installed groundwater remediation systems
  • Performed air quality compliance services across the site
  • Performed dewatering services and national pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES) monitoring

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained by a client whose site is the largest and most visible private Brownfield development project in the country consisting of more than 1,100 acres of re-development at an estimated cost in excess of $10 billion dollars. This site was originally developed by a company in 1941 and is where the famed “Spruce Goose” was constructed.

Environmental issues pertaining to the site have consisted of wetland remediation and restoration, environmental soil characterization and remediation, and permit compliance. EEC has conducted numerous soil and groundwater investigations and remediation work across the site.  Additional services provided by EEC have included environmental compliance services including air emissions monitoring, dewatering services, and NPDES permit monitoring and compliance and construction of several soil and groundwater remediation systems.

Wetland restoration work has included the abandonment of several old oil wells located across the site and within designated wetland areas, construction of a riparian corridor, and restoration of a wetland habitat. The site has been redeveloped with high-end residential and commercial properties including children’s play areas, and restoration of a freshwater marsh and other natural habitats.

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