Replacement Sewer and PS Design

Replacement Sewer and PS Design

Project Highlights:
  • Design of replacement sewers in 6 project areas
  • Lift stations were designed to limit the total depth of sewer construction to about 22 feet
  • The project included a design of force main for approximately 1,150 feet to connect to the regional county sanitation district wastewater collection system
  • New MCC’s, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system were designed for each pump station

EEC Environmental (EEC) personnel led the design of new sewer lines to replace existing sewer lines in each of the six service areas. The design of sewer lines included about 50 manholes in each longest sewer run, and what seemed to be a rather small design issue became a large issue. Another consultant had developed the original sewer line alignments, pipe sizes, and slopes. However, they had not added a drop across the manholes. The sanitation district wastewater collection system required a minimum of 0.1 ft-drop across each manhole. Over 50 manholes, this added 5 feet of additional sewer depth and required the construction of additional lift stations. The sewer designs also required the development of abandonment plans and plan to temporarily pump around the sewer construction, because there was existing sewer flow in each project area.

The force main traversed primarily in development streets, however, it also had a siphon crossing of a stormwater channel. The wastewater pump stations were two types: submersible pumps for the smaller stations, and wetwell drywell type stations for the larger pump stations. The building above the drywell contained Motor Control Centers, pump control panels, PLCs, and SCADA tie-ins.

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