As Needed Environmental Consulting Services

As Needed Environmental Consulting Services

EEC Environmental (EEC) staff has conducted various environmental consulting services including site assessments and remediation activities at existing and new school sites throughout Los Angeles County. Most new school sites consisted of residential and commercial properties over multiple city blocks. All properties were investigated Recognized Environmental conditions (RECs) identified during the Phase I ESA and PEA scoping.

Constituents of concern (COC) typically included volatile organic compounds (VOCs), metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), lead from lead-based paint, and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs). Field sampling was conducted at residential homes and active commercial sites during normal working hours. All phases of the project were conducted in coordination with the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

EEC prepared multiple environmental data reviews and Phase I ESAs, prepared PEA Scoping Document with DTSC, conducted the PEA and several focused supplemental site investigations (SSIs) as part of the environmental process. EEC also completed soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling, installed groundwater monitoring wells and conducted monitoring, and prepared environmental reports.

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