Preparation of Dredging Permits of Power Generation Facility

Preparation of Dredging Permits of Power Generation Facility

Project Highlights:
  • Performed onsite visual inspection of dredging area
  • Interface and managed correspondents with both state and federal agencies
  • Preparation of dredging permits

An East Coast client retained EEC Environmental (EEC) to prepare the application and supporting engineering documentation to obtain dredging permits for the cooling water intake channel and the barge berth access channel at a power generation facility in Virginia. The permit renewal was required for maintenance dredging to maintain the necessary depth of water the allowed continued barge access in these waterways.

EEC mobilized staff to the site to perform an onsite review of necessary documents and visually inspected the proposed dredging areas. Following the necessary data gathering, the required application was submitted to the Board of Public Works and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering for review, comment, and ultimately approval. Although the facility is located on the East Coast, the dredging area is in the Potomac River which is within the jurisdiction of the State of Maryland.

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