Providing Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services

Providing Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services

Project Highlights:
  • Review of Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports
  • Third party reviews of technical documents including work plans, assessment reports, and soil import plans that will assist the city in its redevelopment planning and implementation
  • Review soil import proposals from developers at community redevelopment projects with the city
  • Review and recommend modifications to city ESA, oil well abandonment, and methane mitigation specifications
  • Prepare and review methane gas mitigation plans
  • Provide and review routine methane gas monitoring
  • Provide maintenance and inspection services on active gas collection systems
  • Prepare and review post closure maintenance plans
  • Conduct industrial and commercial stormwater inspections pursuant to the requirements of the Orange County MS4 permit for the City

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained to provide environmental compliance and engineering services to a city.  EEC provides a third-party review of site assessment documents relating to proposed redevelopment activities within the City’s Methane Mitigation District and historic and current oil fields.  EEC evaluates if the assessment approach presented in work plans are in compliance with city specifications such as 422 and 431-92 and State of California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) requirements and protective of human health.

In addition, EEC evaluates the assessment findings to determine if mitigation measures are required pursuant to City specifications.  Mitigation measures may include, but are not limited to, soil and/or groundwater remediation, methane gas monitoring and/or collection system for proposed structures, relocation of structures, and abandonment or re-abandonment of oil wells.  On an as-needed basis, EEC prepares and reviews methane gas mitigation plans, performs or reviews findings of methane gas monitoring, and inspects and maintains methane mitigation systems.

EEC also reviews soil import plans submitted to the City for development projects within city limits.  EEC determines if the import plan is compatible with the proposed development, import sampling requirements are in compliance with city specifications and proposed import placement and compaction specifications meet industry standards.  EEC also evaluates the source and analytical results of the soil to ensure the contaminated soil is not used as an import.

EEC has also been contracted by the City of Huntington Beach to provide industrial and commercial stormwater and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance inspections pursuant to the requirements of the Orange County MS4 permit for the City.  EEC also provides a third-party review of stormwater compliance plans for the City.

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