Providing Safe Drinking Water to Residential Community

Providing Safe Drinking Water to Residential Community

Project Highlights:
  • Selected for project based on EEC’s highly regarded ability to resolve chlorinated solvent issues, agency negotiation, and innovative solutions
  • Evaluated the source of TCE groundwater plume impacting a large area of domestic well use
  • Working to determine the source of contaminants, dated back to World War II
  • Providing monthly monitoring of water trends
  • Working side-by-side with a regulatory agency, community, and public relations firms to mitigate exposure to groundwater while minimizing undue publicity of contaminant issue
  • Provided long-range planning to protect affected neighborhoods, avoiding negative impacts to property values
  • Strategic planning with attorneys and multiple high-level environmental staff for four large companies

EEC Environmental (EEC) was retained by legal counsel representing four Fortune 100 companies to assist with complex issues associated with a large chlorinated solvent plume. The responsible parties for the solvent plume had not been identified; therefore, the regulatory agency determined that several “deep pockets” in the area were the likely source. EEC was retained to help evaluate the plume sources while simultaneously providing immediate assistance to mitigate the exposure to human health.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project and potential lawsuits, EEC was selected because of our ability to respond rapidly and discreetly to the pressing needs of the client and community. EEC worked side by side with multiple clients, attorneys, regulatory personnel, and public relations experts hired by the client to not only determine the source of the contaminants but to also, in the interim, find a solution to the impacted groundwater to move the project forward without significant fanfare and/or media exposure. EEC was then retained to construct abovegroundwater tanks and supply systems at homes within the affected area and provide a weekly water delivery service to the region.

With the assistance of EEC and others, the Fortune 100 companies were found to have no connection to the contamination and were absolved of responsibility. EEC was then retained by the city in which the contamination was found in order to continue providing replacement water for all homes in the region.

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