Regulatory Air Compliance

Regulatory Air Compliance

Project Highlights:
  • Staffing in-house environmental positions
  • Oversaw large-scale environmental activities during refinery expansion and turnarounds
  • Managed Federal and State compliance programs related to TSCA, Benzene NESHAP, SCAQMD Rules 109, 464, 1123, 1176, 1178, and 1403, Title 40 CFR – Subpart QQQ, and hazardous waste storage/disposal.
  • Successfully remediated several contaminant source areas.
  • Developed Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and complex site assessment models.
  • Collected and managed large quantities of data obtained from investigation and remediation activities in GIS database

For over 20 years, EEC Environmental (EEC) has performed environmental oversight at the client’s refinery. Work has included pre-acquisition assessment and remediation of properties acquired from the two Southern California ports, development of a masterwork plan and site conceptual models, site-wide assessment, risk assessment, remediation, and ongoing monitoring. An EEC employee has been also contracted to work at the refinery on a long-term basis managing multi-media compliance for the environmental department.

While subcontracted with the client’s environmental department, responsibilities included management of various state and federal regulatory programs mainly focused on the Southern Californian Air Quality Management and Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Compliance with the client’s programs required detailed oversight to ensure emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs); in particular, benzene was below the regulatory limits and passed the Southern Californian Air Quality Management “Blue Sky” auditing process. The waste program under direct DTSC oversight required daily inspections of waste storage areas to ensure that waste material was properly characterized and that no VOC emissions were leaked from the hazardous waste bins.

EEC is currently managing semiannual groundwater sampling programs and monthly/quarterly LNAPL monitoring and removal programs mandated by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. The programs include sampling numerous groundwater monitoring wells, analyzing the laboratory data, monitoring and removing free product, and preparing quarterly reports. EEC also provides consulting services for air, stormwater, and wastewater compliance on an as-needed basis.

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