Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reduction Services

Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reduction Services

Project Highlights:
  • Sewer system management plan (SSMP) development, implementation, and auditing
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) implementation
  • Geographical information system (GIS) integration
  • Fats, oil, and grease (FOG) control program development, implementation, and inspector training

EEC Environmental (EEC) has become a pioneer in the development of sewer system programs designed to prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Since the issuance of an SSO related Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) in 2002, and expanding with issuance of the Statewide Sanitary Sewer System Waste Discharge Requirements (SSS WDR) in 2006, EEC has excelled in assessing, developing and implementing SSO reduction programs. Services have included SSMP development and upgrade, FOG control program development and implementation, SSO emergency response program development and training, as well complex data management integration and training.

Often, the assessment or development of SSO reduction programs is conducted merely as a formality to satisfy the minimum requirements of a WDR. Based on our experience with development, implementation, and audit of a wide variety of collection system programs, EEC takes a somewhat different approach and views these programs from the perspective of a regulator. A regulator is looking for an honest assessment and representation of an agency’s program to reduce and mitigate the effects of SSOs. Therefore, the key objective of our assessment and implementation services is to candidly evaluate how programs are impacting the reduction of SSOs and ensure the proper ongoing management, operation, and maintenance of sewer system assets.

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