Soil and Groundwater Characterization and Remediation Using Dual-Phase Extraction System

Soil and Groundwater Characterization and Remediation Using Dual-Phase Extraction System

Project Highlights:
  • Identified volatile organic compound (VOC) release affecting soil and groundwater
  • Performed soil and groundwater site characterization
  • Performed analysis of contamination transport
  • Installed multiple dual-nested monitoring wells
  • Prepare technical memorandums and reports for litigation support and regulatory review
  • Perform ongoing groundwater monitoring
  • Perform ongoing remedial system operation and maintenance
  • Performed off-site split sampling for litigation support
  • Evaluated nearby potential responsible parties (PRPs)

EEC Environmental (EEC) was referred to a confidential chemical distribution corporation based upon our experience with large-scale VOC releases that have resulted in litigation. This client was identified, along with more than 20 other industrial parties, as the source of chlorinated solvents detected in a drinking water production well. The plaintiff, a southern California water district, began aggressively identifying responsible parties and seeking punitive damages.

EEC was brought in to replace an international consultant who was not aggressively working to move the site toward regulatory closure and who did not have the litigation support background necessary for a project of this size and scale. EEC is responsible for litigation support and onsite environmental activities including semi-annual groundwater monitoring and sampling, dual-Phase Extraction (DPE) remediation system operation and maintenance, and report preparation.

After a review of the available data, EEC upgraded the existing treatment system and installed multiple dual-nested groundwater monitoring wells to more completely define the plume and to demonstrate that it has not migrated offsite and was not responsible for impacting the drinking water production which had triggered litigation.

Currently, EEC is performing the previously identified environmental services (groundwater monitoring and sampling and groundwater remediation) in addition to providing technical analysis to separate our clients’ plume from the larger VOC plume to move the site toward regulatory closure and to remove them from further litigation involvement.

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