Wastewater NPDES Permit Support for Brine Line Discharge

Wastewater NPDES Permit Support for Brine Line Discharge

Project Highlights:
  • National pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES) brine line discharge issues concerning flow, temperature, total suspended solids (TSS), and pH
  • Permitting and reporting
  • Extensive wastewater sampling to determine the cause of an NPDES violation
  • Cease and desist order negotiations with the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)

EEC Environmental (EEC) has been the sole consultant responsible for maintaining this pharmaceutical company’s brine line NPDES permit compliance and interfacing with the RWQCB and the City.  A notice of violation (NOV) and cease and desist order was issued by the RWQCB concerning total suspended solids (TSS) violations.  EEC conducted an extensive wastewater sampling study and determined the cause of the violation (a laboratory method error).  EEC brought this information to the attention of the RWQCB and the cease and desist order was rescinded.

EEC also negotiated a new temperature limit with the RWQCB based on a reinterpretation of the Ocean Plan requirements.  Since the brine line discharge blends with the City’s ocean outfall, EEC has worked closely with the City on collaborative sampling and permitting issues.  EEC also conducted a compliance audit to ensure compliance with the NPDES and City requirements.  Our client is in full compliance with all NPDES and City requirements concerning their brine line.

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