EEC is proud to be a continued Sponsor of the California Lawyers Association 32nd Annual Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite®

EEC is proud to be a continued Sponsor of the California Lawyers Association 32nd Annual Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite®

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EEC’s experts Mark Zeko, Brandon Willnecker, Eric Clark, and Emily Vavricka are exhibiting at this years conference, Thursday through Sunday, October 19-22, 2023.

We hope you stop by EEC’s booth to learn about emerging issues in Environmental Law and Science, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), microplastics, environmental justice, PPD-Quinone, renewable energy, and climate change, as well as topics such as engaging our experts in topics related to due diligence, site investigation and remediation, vapor intrusion, surface waters, water of the US, land development, drone photogrammetry,  NPDES, TMDLS, and CGP/ISP.

The 32nd  Annual Environmental Law Conference is nationally recognized as the largest and most prestigious gathering in California of leaders in environmental, land use, and natural resources law. The conference is an opportunity to gather with the nation’s top environmental officials, lawyers, and other professionals in the beautiful setting of Yosemite.

EEC provides a broad spectrum of litigation support ranging from scientific investigations to expert testimony in state and federal courts. We support litigation matters related to contamination of soil, soil vapor, and groundwater; geologic and hydrogeological issues; industrial wastewater, and emerging issues including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and microplastics. Our staff has experience with plaintiff and defense representation, giving us a professional knowledge of tactics and strategies that will be encountered in litigation, and allowing us to present an unbiased perspective to judge and jury. EEC has been involved with numerous high-profile litigation cases and has consistently worked seamlessly as part of a team in preparing technical portions of a case.

Our services are most often utilized to prevent litigation from occurring in the first place, by preventing or reducing liability exposure, fines, administrative penalties, and negative press. Our staff has extensive experience collecting and analyzing technical data to provide a reliable scientific basis for overcoming or minimizing contentious issues.

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