The diverse team of technical experts and the stellar reputation of senior professionals have made EEC Environmental (EEC) a trusted partner for law firms throughout the United States. EEC provides the expertise and common sense approach that is necessary when working with attorneys to formulate a comprehensive solution to a variety of environmental and engineering issues.

EEC is often retained to avoid litigation and works with clients, regulators, and other Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) to ensure a technically based resolution. When litigation is necessary, EEC provides the specialized expertise necessary to provide the best possible advocacy for our attorneys and their clients. EEC has been involved with numerous high-profile litigation cases and has consistently worked seamlessly as part of a team in preparing technical portions of a case.

Our staff has extensive experience collecting and analyzing technical data to provide a reliable scientific basis for overcoming or minimizing contentious issues. Our professionals are adept at preparing technically based expert reports and then explaining these often complex technical data in a common-sense manner that non-technical jurors and judges can quickly comprehend. Our technical staff is supported by graphics and geographic information system (GIS) personnel that can take the complex technical data and prepare impactful and understandable trial graphics.

Legal Support Services :

  • Testifying Expert Services
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Data Interpretation, Visualization, GIS, and Trial Graphics
  • Remediation Evaluation
  • Historical Site Analysis
  • Forensic Geochemistry
  • Cost Allocation and Recovery
  • Insurance Cost Recovery
  • Risk Assessment