Utility Design

Utility Design

EEC Environmental (EEC) engineers have extensive experience with the assessment and utility design of wet and dry systems for industrial, commercial/retail, and office properties. On-site private utility services address local Building and Safety Department requirements including plan development, submittal, and permitting.

Off-site utility services address utility owner (e.g. water agency or sewer agency) requirements including civil plans and agency permitting. EEC routinely executes projects to develop installation and specifications for water, gas, and sewer services suitable for permitting and construction with public and private agencies. EEC also provides owner representation services to facilitate the correct and quick installation of the designed systems.

As a stand-alone assessment or as part of a detailed design, EEC has the capability to review available as-built and design drawings to determine the utility service size and location as well as conduct a comprehensive site inspection to visually identify and/or confirm the size and location of key utility design services including:

Utility Design Services:

  • Fuel and Natural Gas Services
  • Potable Water and Recycled Water Services
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Grease Waste and Wastewater Services
  • Industrial Wastewater Services
  • Electrical Utilities
  • HVAC Systems