Industrial Pretreatment

Industrial Pretreatment

EEC Environmental (EEC) provides an array of industrial pretreatment consulting services for wastewater agencies and private industries utilizing experienced engineers and chemists that are uniquely skilled in industrial wastewater issues.

For agencies, EEC conducts local limits evaluations, develops industrial pretreatment ordinances and enforcement response plans, and assists in industrial user permitting. For industries, EEC designs and builds wastewater pretreatment systems and performs pretreatment system evaluations for flows up to 2.5 million of gallons per day (MGD). EEC has unique expertise in developing technically based local limits and ensuring that industrial users have reasonable discharge permits.

EEC has also created and conducts an operator training program for industrial wastewater dischargers and assists industries in achieving compliance with their wastewater discharge requirements.

Industrial Pretreatment Services:

  • Pretreatment System Design/Build
  • Industrial User Permit Compliance
  • Technically Based Local Limits Development and Evaluation
  • Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) Pretreatment Program Development and Implementation
  • Industrial User Permitting
  • Local Limits Negotiation
  • Feasibility and Sampling Studies