Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Optimization Operator Training – Japan

Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Optimization Operator Training – Japan

Project Highlights:
  • Developed site-specific operator training course on sewage treatment and energy management
  • Course material prepared in English and Japanese
  • Classroom and field exercises conducted in native language – Japanese

EEC Environmental (EEC) developed and conducted Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) energy optimization operator training specific to three United States Marine Corps facilities in Okinawa, Japan.  The training consisted of classroom and field training that was structured to prepare a foundation for progressive learning and application of concepts and principles in sewage treatment and energy management.

The first block of 3 units (three days) presented basic concepts in biological treatment to prepare a foundation for learning about the connection of energy usage with treatment.  The next 3 units (three days) progressed to study how energy is used at specific sites and how it might be optimized through improved process control and upgraded equipment.   The training material was prepared in English and in Japanese and the training classes and discussions were conducted in Japanese through an interpreter to maximize the learning of the treatment plant operators (primary language Japanese).  Field exercises were conducted at one of the Okinawa WWTP for application and discussion of the concepts discussed in the classroom to actual conditions.   The training resulted in modifications to the operations of the WWTP’s by application of the concepts learned by the operators.

EEC provides an array of industrial pretreatment consulting services for wastewater agencies and private industries utilizing experienced engineers and chemists that are uniquely skilled in industrial wastewater issues. For agencies, EEC conducts local limits evaluations, develops industrial pretreatment ordinances and enforcement response plans, and assists in industrial user permitting. For industries, EEC designs and builds wastewater pretreatment systems and performs pretreatment system evaluations for flows up to 2.5 millions of gallons per day (MGD). EEC has unique expertise in developing technically based local limits and ensuring that industrial users have reasonable discharge permits.

EEC has also created and conducts an operator training program for industrial wastewater dischargers and assists industries in achieving compliance with their wastewater discharge requirements.

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