PFAS Owner’s Representative Consulting – Orange County, CA

PFAS Owner’s Representative Consulting – Orange County, CA

EEC is currently providing “Owner’s Representative” consulting support for one of the largest groundwater producers in Orange County as it addresses PFAS contamination in its water supply wells.  EEC’s PFAS team has extensive expertise in PFAS chemistry, characterization, remediation, residual management, and its unique regulatory challenges.

All of this expertise is being used to assist the City as it works with the Orange County Water District (OCWD) and their consultants to develop a plan to design and install wellhead PFAS treatment for the City’s impacted wells.  EEC is providing extensive technical and regulatory assistance to the City addressing a variety of topics:

  • The impact of the State’s PFAS Notification Levels (NLs) and Response Levels (RLs)
  • Comparison of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) vs. Ion Exchange (IX) at each potential impacted well site
  • Evaluating capital costs vs. on-going O&M costs
  • Evaluating rapid small scale column testing (RSSCT) and pilot testing results and the need for further pilot tests
  • Protecting the City’s interests while supporting the overall need to remediate the basin
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