Wastewater Discharge Limit Change – Canada

Wastewater Discharge Limit Change – Canada

Project Highlights:
  • Successful negotiation with the local publicly owned treatment works (POTW)
  • Researched the technical basis of the wastewater discharge limit
  • Proposed a technically-based oil and grease permit limit
  • Implementation of effective waste minimization improvements
  • Over $1 Million in avoided capital and operations & maintenance (O&M) costs

EEC Environmental (EEC) was hired to negotiate with the local POTW to change the wastewater discharge oil and grease limit to a more reasonable and technically-based limit. The original oil and grease permit limit had no technical basis and would have required installation of a $1 Million wastewater pretreatment system had it not been changed. The pretreatment system would have been redundant with the POTW treatment system; therefore, the limit was completely unnecessary and placed an undue financial burden on the laundry.

EEC researched the origin of the oil and grease limit and opened negotiations with the POTW. Through the negotiation process, EEC proposed a more technically-based and higher limit which the POTW adopted. The new permit limit required the laundry to implement some logical waste minimization improvements, but the expensive pretreatment system was no longer necessary. The laundry has maintained full compliance with their wastewater discharge limit since.

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