Marine Cleaning SPCC Plan

Marine Cleaning SPCC Plan

EEC Environmental (EEC) provided comprehensive engineering design and environmental compliance services for a new centralized wastewater treatment facility located in the Pacific Northwest. Our environmental compliance services included the preparation of a Spill Control, Control and Countermeasure SPCC plan for their facility which included, in addition to the wastewater pretreatment process, an industrial cleaning operation which can generate various oily wastes.

EEC professionals visited the facility to identify oil storage and management requirements and to determine the directions in which potential oil spills would flow based on site topography and the location of new and existing oil storage tanks. EEC worked with facility management to develop procedures and checklists for above-ground storage tank inspections, spill control, and spill notifications. Our professionals also recommended specific equipment and instrumentation to help prevent spills. Finally, EEC trained facility managers and operating personnel in SPCC regulations and requirements that applied to their facility operations.

In order to satisfy state oil management requirements, EEC also integrated an Accidental Spill Prevention Program (ASPP) into the SPCC plan, including a matrix cross-referencing the federal SPCC plan requirements and the state ASPP requirements with specific sections of the plan.

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